Tech Marketing Case Studies

Discover how we’ve helped clients achieve superior content marketing results through our case studies.

Improving landing page SEO for Travelex

Learn how CopyHouse’s tailored SEO strategies helped Travelex boost search engine rankings for their currency conversion web pages.

Helping Vizlib With Content Marketing Solutions

Find out about our partnership with Vizlib delivering SEO content marketing services for 11 months in this CopyHouse case study.

Delivering Digital Marketing Support to Klarna

Learn more about our B2B content marketing services in this case study about our three-year partnership with Klarna.

Building Relationships and Providing Comprehensive Marketing Support for Avalara

Discover how CopyHouse helped ease the burden for Avalara’s marketing team, and the benefits of building a relationship with your marketing agency.

Supporting Cigna With Healthcare Marketing

Learn about our long-standing partnership with Cigna, a leading healthcare brand, and our flexible digital marketing skills in this case study.

Helping Meta to Define ‘Brand Suitability’

Learn more about our partnership with Meta and see how CopyHouse helped Meta to produce a brand suitability guide for agencies and advertisers.

Increasing LinkedIn impressions by 4,706% for Pastdue

Discover how CopyHouse used creative strategy to increase the number of impressions on Pastdue's LinkedIn by 4,706% in only one month!

Creating a Brand Book and Copy that Harmonises Account Technologies' Brand Image and Website

Your website is your shop window. It must look as good as it sounds to keep your audience hooked. Read how CopyHouse transformed Account Technologies’ website by creating an outstanding brand book.

Creating an SEO Friendly Website to Support the Growth of Atech

When a business expands, the marketing efforts that drive a business’s growth must also grow to support the business. Read how CopyHouse pushed Atech’s marketing efforts further by creating an SEO friendly website.

Developing Customer Avatars to Help ByzGen Understand their Target Audience and Produce Seamless Content

Knowing your audience before marketing towards them is a must! Here’s how CopyHouse helped ByzGen optimise their new website through SEO and create content directed to their target audience.

Helping eArcu Overcome Recruitment Issues with Engaging Thought Leadership Content

Creating engaging thought leadership content can be difficult when dealing with complex information. Read how CopyHouse pushed eArcu's content further through harmonising copy and design.

Helping InPlayer Repurpose their Content to Boost their Search Results on Google

Boosting organic traffic to your website can be a challenge if you don't have the necessary SEO skills. Read how CopyHouse increased InPlayer's organic traffic through SEO implementation and by completing a full content audit.