Improving landing page SEO for Travelex

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the foundation of many marketing plans and might be one of the most commonly discussed aspects of marketing. Creating a perfectly-optimised web page is a difficult task, but the rewards are considerable — increased traffic and brand awareness, which can lead to higher sales. 

Even the largest companies sometimes need help figuring out SEO. Travelex, a market-leading foreign currency exchange, needed our help improving SEO for the website of one of their premier clients, British supermarket giant Asda.  

The content challenges facing Travelex

Travelex needed solutions for two problems. First, they desperately needed a better SEO strategy for Asda’s currency exchange website. Without a set SEO strategy, a business’ marketing team (whether in-house or external) will struggle to create relevant content that pulls in new customers. 

The core of an SEO strategy is the keywords you’re targeting. For example, Travelex was looking to target search keywords related to currency exchange: travel money, holiday money, foreign currency, buy money, and so on. Using these keywords helps identify relevant content topics, which was a key factor in Travelex’s second problem.

Travelex also needed to rework the copy on several landing pages for Asda’s currency exchange, specifically, the pages related to the purchase of individual currencies. Aside from the tone of voice, the pages weren’t getting the right message across: they were too much of a sales pitch and didn’t add value for the customer.

How we boosted search engine rankings for Travelex 

We started with the SEO strategy. As we’ve mentioned above, building an effective SEO strategy is key to building out your overall content marketing plan. We identified the most relevant keywords for Travelex’s audience, ranked them in order of priority, and then used that data to find topics that would appeal to Travelex’s target demographic.

With a better understanding of those relevant topics, we were better able to begin reworking the landing pages. At first, we were only contracted to rework the Asda USD landing page just to ensure our ideas aligned with those of Travelex. 

That first piece of content — which can be found here — was a huge success, with Travelex immediately requesting more content. We subsequently created eight more landing pages for them, including the Asda pages for EUR and AUD

Joanna Brunt, Travelex - “You’re feeding our thought process and capturing the Asda personality perfectly - it’s really refreshing for us here.”

Improve your landing page SEO with CopyHouse

CopyHouse is an award-winning global content marketing agency specialising in technology brands. We offer a range of marketing services to take your brand to the next level.

Travelex is just one of the market-leading brands we’ve provided support for. Our team are experts in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals, whether that means drawing in new audiences or retaining the loyalty of existing customers. So if you need SEO strategy support, or help with optimising your webpage copy, we can help.

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