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Clever content meets well-crafted visuals with CopyHouse’s content design service and unique workshops.
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Content Meets Design: Discover Content Design Services from CopyHouse

Have you heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well, that’s certainly true with CopyHouse’s content design service. Our service combines cleverly worded content with refreshing visuals and imagery to push your brand’s content further, make it more engaging and present it in the best light possible.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Humans process visual content 60,000x faster than text, which is why good content marketing needs to deliver excellent copy and creative design combined.

Content Design

Graphic Design

Unlike graphic design, which focuses on a broad range of creative elements, content design focuses solely on producing content that grabs your audience’s attention and starts conversations.

Whether it’s an article, infographic or eBook, a content designer’s role is to harmonise the copy and design to maximise the engagement your readers have with your content.

It’s more than just about adding basic stock images to a word document. It requires precision, creativity and continuous communication between the copywriter and content designer.

Why Content Design and Content Marketing Should Work Together

Did you know that 65% of people can recall visual content up to three days after viewing it?
Whereas only 10% of people can recall written content three days after reading it.
That’s why you need your content design to align with your written content. After all, they’re two sides of the same coin.

Uniting content design and copy can help you stand out from the crowd, spark your audience’s interests and produce content that’s engaging and digestible.

Benefits of Content Design & Content Marketing

  • Bring your content to life and increase engagement
  • Boost conversion rates with a better customer experience
  • Build credibility and brand recognition
  • Enliven and explain complex topics
  • Guarantee your content is more memorable and user-friendly
  • Show your business’ personality with clear, impactful messaging
  • Strengthen your leads with effective, branded marketing collateral for every stage of your customer journey
  • Create consistency across visuals, layouts and brand identity

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