Helping Meta to Define ‘Brand Suitability’

Creating a definition requires a clear and commonly-held understanding of a particular topic, item or subject matter. However, how do you go about defining an ideology that, by its very nature, means different things to different people?

As one of the foremost names in online advertising, and social media, Meta’s words carry significant weight. As such, they knew that when it came to delivering a definitive and cohesive stance on brand suitability, how to protect it and how it differs from brand safety, Meta knew it had to get its messaging right.

Our journey into the Metaverse

Our journey with Meta began in the early summer of 2021 when the Silicon Valley tech giant approached us to become a part of their Marketing Supplier Program. This rigorous process saw key members of our team at CopyHouse undertake an extensive exam to become Meta Certified Creative Strategy Professionals

Upon passing the credentialing programme, we then had the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of Meta’s marketing solutions by producing a 1,000-word ghostwritten article for The Drum — a leading global publication for the marketing and media industries. 

Titled - “How artificial intelligence is helping to measure creative effectiveness in marketing”, the article was a resounding success.

“I am very happy with the end results and looking forward to seeing the article published!”
Maria Pavlova - Marketing Science Partner, Global Clients & Categories at Meta

This success allowed us to develop and enhance our relationship with Meta even further, culminating in the delivery of an internal Content Marketing in the Metaverse presentation and an external Creativity in the Metaverse presentation hosted by CopyHouse founder and Managing Director Kathryn Strachan.

A Definitive Collaboration

Our most recent collaboration with Meta was the largest project to date with the social media juggernaut. Initially, the project began as a 3,000-word corporate whitepaper on Brand Safety & Suitability with a short, 2-week delivery time. However, both the delivery date and scale of the task would ultimately change as the project grew. 

During our initial calls with Meta, two things became clear. Firstly, Meta needed a guide that went beyond merely explaining the difference between brand safety and brand suitability. Secondly, due to the size of the guide, it would require a series of substantial reviews from a wide range of internal teams at Meta before it could be signed off. 

The guide's purpose was to position Meta as a thought leader in Brand Suitability, as well as build awareness amongst agencies and advertisers about the difference between brand safety and brand suitability. 

To this end, we set out to illustrate Meta’s collaborations with industry bodies such as GARM and also incorporated both internal and external research on sensitive topics, such as context adjacency to help dispel long-standing beliefs regarding advertising and brand suitability.  

Lastly, we also conducted research into advertiser-facing controls and third-party verification solutions that Meta has in place to ensure that both businesses and brands that use the platform can do so with safety, suitability and transparency in mind.

At CopyHouse, dialogue is one of our key components when creating ebooks. To truly understand what the client needs from their ebook or whitepaper, we first schedule an initial debriefing call with a selection of key stakeholders from both our teams and the clients. During this meeting, our writers and project managers will hear what ideas the client would like to bring to the table. Following this call, we will then arrange interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) to get in-depth knowledge and opinions from those who know the subject best. 

After both the debriefing and SME interviews have taken place, we’ll then go off and prepare an outline to present to the client before commencing on the first written draft. Depending on the scope of the project or the needs of the client, we are flexible and are able to create a number of iterations for both our outlines and written drafts.

Our project with Meta was no exception. Through constant dialogue with Meta, we were able to create three separate outlines for the project quickly. Following approval, we then proceeded to deliver a final, comprehensive, circa 5,000-word document that hit the targets that Meta was aiming for.

To see how the final output came together, download the complete guide here.

“Everything came together rather quickly. Thank you for your support, and we’ll definitely consider CopyHouse again for future projects.”
Dennis Petrone, Marketing Manager, Brand Safety & Suitability at Meta 

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