Building Relationships and Providing Comprehensive Marketing Support for Avalara

Tax isn’t a subject that usually fascinates or intrigues new customers. This was a significant hurdle for US-based SaaS business Avalara, as they’re a leading provider of tax compliance software. 

Avalara’s marketing team has had a lot of practice with making tax compliance entertaining. The company has over 30,000 customers in 95 different countries, and continues to enter new markets around the world. However, creating interesting tax-focused content takes effort, and even the best team needs a little support.

Enter CopyHouse. We’ve been working with Avalara’s EMEA and US teams to create effective, interesting content that can draw in Avalara’s target market. Keep reading to discover more about the helpful services we provide to Avalara.

Small content, big impact

Put simply, Avalara’s problem was their workload. The company has ambitious growth goals, which means there’s a constant need for marketing materials and new content. However, creating this content in-house can be time-consuming and costly, especially if there’s a need to hire new creators. 

The solution was to outsource their content creation needs to a trusted third party — in this case, CopyHouse. Outsourcing is a much more cost-effective means of generating new content than building or expanding your in-house team. So, in October 2021, Avalara began working with our team on an initial trial project consisting of multiple short-form blogs.

Starting small is an important part of building a relationship with a new vendor or service provider. It’s a chance for the client to judge the pricing, efficiency, and quality of work on offer, but it’s also a chance for the vendor or service provider to impress a new client. 

In our initial trial project with Avalara, we focused on offering a service that would resolve their specific problem — their large and costly workload. So, we prioritised a speedy turnaround (to avoid the stress of chasing up work) and well-researched, quality content (to reduce the number of edits and reviews they’d need to perform). 

Scaling up: Content strategy, social media and more

The results of our trial project were a huge success for everyone involved. Avalara was very happy with the content they received, and we secured an ongoing relationship to provide them with content.

However, Avalara’s size and continuous growth meant they needed help with more than just blog posts. From that initial project, the scope of what we offer Avalara has grown immensely. We’ve created long-form content like guides and whitepapers, both for Avalara’s website and relevant third parties. We’ve also helped craft social media content to help them organically grow their reach. Finally, we’ve helped them develop long-term content strategies to help support their expansion. 

A key factor in our combined success is that CopyHouse works as an extension of the Avalara marketing team. We support both their UK and US efforts, working across multiple time zones and liaising with different representatives to support them as an all-inclusive outsourced content function.

Like Avalara’s in-house content, the assets we provide are reviewed by their legal and editorial teams. Going through these procedures together helps get content signed off quickly, meaning it spends less time in review and more time in front of Avalara’s target audience.

By providing a cost-effective and impactful service, we’ve gained the trust of key strategic decision-makers within Avalara. For us, this is crucial to becoming part of their future. 

Looking for a marketing agency you can trust?

Are you interested in better marketing content? CopyHouse is an award-winning content marketing agency specialising in finance and technology brands. Whether you need design or copywriting support to launch a campaign on time, or long-term guidance in content strategy and search engine optimisation, we can help. 

We offer a range of marketing services, so we’re capable of lending support whether you need to outsource your day-to-day marketing projects (like Avalara) or if you’re hoping to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry with an insightful new campaign.

If you need marketing support of any kind, don’t hesitate. Get in touch with our team today.

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