Increasing LinkedIn impressions by 4,706% for Pastdue

Pastdue is a fintech company based in Scotland that provides debt collection services to some of the UK’s leading companies. However, despite their impressive client base, the company lacked a consistent marketing strategy and had never allocated a budget for marketing. As they expanded their digital services, they recognised the need for a robust and consistent online presence to reach their target audience, particularly on LinkedIn. To address this, Pastdue approached CopyHouse for marketing support.

The Problem

Pastdue had never invested time or budget into marketing, and as they began to grow and adapt their products for a digital space, it became clear that a change was necessary. However, with no previous marketing experience, the company was unsure where to start. As a result, they reached out to Fintech Scotland for a recommendation, which led to them reaching out to CopyHouse.

The company needed to quickly learn how to market their product in digital spaces, but with no previous marketing budget, they struggled to prioritise their goals. The primary objectives were to expand into new markets and increase brand awareness for both the company and its products. Additionally, their messaging was inconsistent and confusing, making it difficult for potential leads to understand the business. Furthermore, the company faced challenges with marketing their new product, DAAS, as its audience did not always understand its functionality.

The Solution

To address these challenges, CopyHouse started with a workshop to gain a deep understanding of Pastdue's brand, products, target audience, and marketing goals. Our Creative Director and Social Media Manager sat down with the Pastdue team to discuss their ideas and help articulate them. This approach was particularly helpful, given their limited marketing experience.

During the workshop, CopyHouse worked with the Pastdue team to develop a clear and actionable plan. One of the first steps was to redesign their visual elements, including their logo, fonts, and colour scheme. This gave their brand a modern and consistent visual identity, making it easier for their target audience to recognise and engage with their content. To ensure consistency across all future content, we also created a brand guideline document that Pastdue could follow.

The next step was to develop a content plan for social media, with a focus on LinkedIn. The CopyHouse team knew from their research that this was where Pastdue's target audience was spending most of their time. Consistent posting was crucial to success on LinkedIn, so we created a long-term social media strategy using the new brand guidelines and visual elements. The content plan included a mix of educational content, promotional offers, and industry news updates, helping Pastdue establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry.

The Results

The new branding and social media strategy quickly produced results. Within the first month, CopyHouse increased Pastdue's impressions on LinkedIn by an impressive 4,706%. As the campaign continued, engagement levels remained high, and brand awareness continued to grow steadily. With consistent branding and messaging, Pastdue's content became more engaging and easier to understand, attracting new leads and customers.


Through our partnership with Pastdue, CopyHouse helped the company transform their marketing efforts, from a reactive and inconsistent approach to a robust and strategic plan. By investing in their branding and social media strategy, Pastdue achieved a significant increase in impressions, engagement, and brand awareness on LinkedIn. With a consistent brand identity and a long-term content plan, Pastdue is well-positioned to continue expanding their reach and attracting new customers in the years to come.

Example of a LinkedIn post we created for Pastdue

“Myself and Phil both really enjoyed the process and came away from the session enlightened about the approach we would take and that we would be going down avenues we had never even considered."
Joshua Anthony, Director of Business Development
@ Pastdue
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