Why Tech Brands Need High Tech Copy


Engage, excite, convert — sounds simple right? Yet, tech brands often have a diverse and complex audience; from enthusiast lay followers to hawk-eyed investors each keen to learn about the next big “it” product. No wonder senior business leaders reach out to expert copywriting agencies for high-quality, high tech copy and marketing support. 

Don’t believe us? In this article, we’re covering five (or so) reasons why tech brands need high tech copy and writing support. You’ll learn the benefits of partnering with a dedicated copywriting agency and how to access them in time for your next campaign. Read on to learn more and uncover new resources for your marketing strategy.

5 reasons why tech brands need high tech copy

1. Get a fresh perspective

Sometimes, an external point of view can be a helpful way to reframe and re-energise your brand. For example, at CopyHouse, we offer strategy and consultancy services to tech firms that can help you identify your brand’s core messaging, visual identity, branding, and even tone of voice. We work with your in-house team and conduct extensive market research to understand everything from your market positioning, target markets, and wider brand story, to your ideal customer profile, brand personality, values and more. 

So, whether you’re trying to unify your business under a new strategic direction or want to breathe new life into your digital marketing strategy, consider partnering with an external copywriting agency.

2. Engage your broad church audience

Tech brands are seemingly enjoying more attention than ever amid the race for AI supremacy. However, this is only the latest of their problems, as senior marketing leaders need to balance a rich and varied online follower base including industry experts, peers and buyers to inquisitive investors and lay enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, this means your content risks either becoming lacklustre and uncompelling, or too dense and jargon-heavy to appeal to essential readers. As a result, you can struggle to achieve brand awareness and lead generation. That’s why specialist content writing and design services can be a great way to cut through the noise online and deliver compelling content to your target audience every time.

3. Save time, money and hassle from producing content

Maintaining an in-house marketing department can be costly - both from a monetary and resource perspective. Even though the UK labour market has cooled off in recent months, surveys suggest it still takes over a month to make a new hire. Worse, this figure only refers to more junior positions and not the sort of executive-level appointment needed to head up your in-house marketing team. On top of this, you’ll also have to commit up to 10 hours a week simply to schedule interviews and vet candidates. 

This is perhaps where a tech-focused marketing and copywriting agency presents the most value. By offering flexible and scalable access to its resources, you can tap a readily available team of creative professionals who can put any content idea into production at a moment’s notice. Cost-wise, copywriting agencies often come out favourably, too. Glassdoor estimates that senior creative professionals like senior copywriters or designers typically demand salaries of £40-50k per annum. By contrast, marketing and copywriting agencies can do a lot more for the same monthly outlay, meaning higher ROI on your marketing strategy. 

4. Access strategic expertise and industry connections

Copywriting agencies usually have long-standing relationships with other marketing bodies that offer additional services outside their own specialism. For example, connections to favourable industry journalists, thought leaders or event promoters, as well as translators, designers, videographers, and more.

Such access to an extended creative network and industry opportunity means you can plan and execute more ambitious strategies to enable your growth and reach your target audience more effectively. For instance, a marketing and copywriting agency could help you host a high-profile event with interesting speakers unveiling a flagship industry report; then, syndicate a catch-up article across multiple news publishers — complete with an extended email marketing campaign that generates multiple leaders from a single albeit multi-stage campaign.

5. Complement your existing marketing team

Marketing and copywriting agencies don’t have to become your entire content production suite. Instead, we’re just as capable of working with your existing marketing team and building on in-house competencies. For example, you could partner with an external agency to provide design support on a specific project and bridge the gap on in-house resources for a short period. 

Equally, you could also access social media marketing services and expand your use of personal branding across senior leadership, online community management, or simply the more routine parts of scheduling content to post across the week.

Access high-quality, high tech copy from CopyHouse

High-quality, high tech copy is about more than just explaining your product or service to customers; it’s a roadmap to long-term growth. By partnering with an expert UK copywriting agency, you can access a swathe of flexible resources, from strategic support on digital marketing to brand consultancy, specialist writing, design, translation and more.

After all, we should know. CopyHouse is a leading content marketing agency for fast-growing technology brands. We have a team of highly experienced writers, strategists and creatives with a strong sense of how to create and disseminate top-notch content that realises client goals.

Our work is grounded in a rigorous understanding of your needs and your customers’ pain points; enabling you to share authoritative content provides timely and thoughtful support. Best of all? We skip the jargon, hype and hyperbole every time.

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