International Expansion: Finding a Global Digital Content Marketing Agency


International Expansion: Finding a Global Digital Content Marketing Agency

The global digital marketing services industry is a rapidly expanding sector, projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.8% in the years leading up 2028 (when it is expected to reach $78.6 billion). 

Driven by the ubiquitousness of smartphones and social media usage worldwide, there's now increasing demand for companies to invest in their online presence and interact more closely with consumers on digital platforms. 

Additionally, the widespread adoption of location-based ad services has now resulted in more businesses turning to marketing experts for help reaching new consumers and audiences. Digital content marketing services help brands understand regional shifts in consumer preferences, and deploy dynamic, data-driven tactics to create and measure the success of effective marketing campaigns. 

Hiring a globally-focused copywriting agency presents many advantages for companies looking to expand their offerings overseas. Their services extend beyond SEO content creation and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising; encompassing video script writing, thought leadership, and many more captivating strategies to help brands win hearts and minds worldwide. 

This article will outline some considerations for companies hiring global digital content marketing specialists to bolster their business expansion efforts. Read on to learn more. 

The benefits of amplifying your reach with a global digital content marketing agency

Time and cost savings

Hiring a global digital marketing agency is more cost-effective than establishing in-house marketing teams across multiple regions. Rather than investing in hiring, training, and overhead costs, growing brands can instead seek an agency that provides the services they need within an affordable budget.  

Higher conversion rates

When it comes to lead generation, content marketing reigns supreme, generating three times as many leads as traditional outbound strategies, and costing businesses 62% less (according to widely recognised industry benchmarks). 

In addition, companies that have incorporated effective digital marketing strategies boast a 2.8 times higher revenue growth expectancy than those without a clear strategy. 

Hiring an agency with experience working across multiple markets will grant you more certainty that you will land on the right strategy and achieve those all-important revenue-boosting results. 

Access to data-driven insights

Any digital content marketing agency worth its salt will have already invested in marketing and data analytics tools to help them measure and optimise their digital campaigns. 

In most cases, globally-focused agencies will be willing to share their data-driven insights with you upon sign up. This can save companies time and resources on market research — enabling  you to hit the ground running in your new target region. 

Closer customer connections

According to a study by Salesforce, 66% of consumers now expect brands to understand their needs and expectations, as opposed to just their age and location. 

Digital content marketing agencies understand that the customer is king, and will, therefore, bridge the gap by creating in-depth customer avatars. These avatars (also known as ‘customer/audience personas’) go beyond the surface-level data, and instead attempt to reveal your customers’ desires and pain points. Persona-building empowers you to create content that always rings true with your growing customer base. 

Challenges in finding the right content agency for your needs

While global digital content marketing agencies offer many benefits for growing brands, not all agencies will be the right fit. Here are some challenges companies can run into when choosing the best service for their needs: 

The shifting digital landscape

To remain competitive, copywriting agencies must stay on top of marketing and consumer trends. For example, if a social media site is becoming popular in a certain region — and your agency is slow to experiment on the platform — your marketing success could suffer as a result. 

Opting for a company that delivers adaptable, multi-channel marketing experiences is the key to sustainable growth in the evolving digital era. 

Gauging industry expertise

All industries have their very own in-depth lore and jargon phrases that can get lost in translation. Partnering with an agency that’s fluent in your sector’s language minimises content revisions, saving you valuable time and resources. Plus, you'll benefit from their fresh, well-researched perspectives for content ideation. 

Fostering collaboration

The internet makes it possible to communicate with swathes of people around the  world. However, brands must ensure that their copywriting agencies can effectively collaborate with them regardless of timezone and language barriers. 

Failure to pick up on subtle cultural differences in copy, or always waiting 24 hours to get an email, can potentially sink your marketing efforts, resulting in wasted spend and strained relationships. 

Tips for navigating the copywriting agency selection process

Opt for thought leaders, not followers

First, look out for a digital content marketing agency with a proven track record of success in your industry and chosen country. Sift through their case studies and testimonials to determine the quality of their output and their capacity for creating a wide range of collateral — this means more than just 1000-word blogs and Facebook posts. 

For example, opting for agencies that are comfortable with creating thought leadership content will indicate that their writers are intelligent opinion formers, not mere followers. Utilising their specialised skills will help you generate more creative and thought-provoking campaigns. 

Set clear content objectives

Define the purpose and expected outcomes of your partnership with a global digital content marketing agency. This will help the content team get on board with your vision and craft impactful campaigns. 

Also, don't let budget concerns stifle your marketing goals. Digital content marketing agencies have built extensive resources, templates and efficient workflows for complex campaigns (such as video ads and industry reports). They can help you realise your ambitious plans for a fraction of the costs of developing this type of content in-house. 


Establish effective communication channels

Work with your digital content agency to establish regular meeting slots, content deadlines and provisions for sharing internal information. 

An effective client/agency relationship is a two-way street, so expect to be quizzed on your USPs, existing customers, and competitors. The more your copywriting agency can find out about your brand, the more they can draw on your expertise for campaign inspiration. 

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