How to Humanise B2B Content


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that behind every organisation are real-life people with genuine emotions. This is especially true in the corporate world, where we can become immersed in business jargon and overlook the art of storytelling and relatable humour.

However, businesses today increasingly recognise the importance of humanising their content. Moving away from the traditional corporate tone and adopting a more authentic approach can have a profound impact on audience engagement, brand perception, and overall marketing success.

In this blog post, we'll explore what’s causing this shift away from conservative language and help you to understand the benefits of adding a human touch to your B2B (business-to-business) content.

From conservative to conversational: the shifting dynamic of B2B content

Traditionally, B2B content was characterised by formal language, technical jargon, and a focus on features and specifications. It was believed that, in order to convey a sense of professionalism and authority, you had to develop  a conservative communication style across all business content. 

Yet in recent years, there’s been a noticeable shift in B2B content, from the often-staid, traditionalist tone, to a more conversational approach. Businesses are recognising the importance of engaging and connecting with their customers on a more personal level. So, what has sparked this change? 

One key consideration is the way in which decisions are now made. In the past, decisions were made solely by senior executives who were more accustomed to formal business interactions. They appreciated a professional tone which focused on the details and specifications they needed to make the right choices. 

Today, however, businesses have adopted a much more holistic approach to decision-making. It’s now expected that staff across all levels of an organisation should be involved in driving change and growth as ‘diversity of thought’ becomes more of a priority. According to research by Deloitte, 87% of organisations entrust decision-making to those closest to the issue, regardless of their seniority.  

There are also an increasing number of younger generations entering management positions. It’s expected that millennials (aged 25-40) will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Those across the millennial and Gen Z demographics are known for preferring authentic and friendly communication. Therefore, businesses need to employ a more conversational style to resonate with these audiences.

Additionally, there’s the way in which social media and digital communications have had an influence on B2B content. Social platforms carry a more casual communication style that encourages communication and discussions across members. The rise of social media has caused businesses to emulate this style of language for their own content, as a way of facilitating participation and engagement from their audience.

The benefits of humanising B2B content

Build audience connection

By humanising your content, you’ll help to develop a genuine emotional connection with your customers. Using an authentic and relatable voice will enable you to showcase the people behind your brand. Meanwhile, incorporating humour and storytelling techniques can elicit positive emotions, strengthening the audience-brand relationship and encouraging customer loyalty.

Encourage interaction

Developing content that is less formal and more approachable helps customers feel more comfortable to actively participate in brand discussions. Sharing relatable stories creates an emotional response that motivates customers to share their own thoughts and feelings. Whether it’s leaving a comment, asking a question, or liking a post - this of all helps ensure that customers remember your brand.

Stand out from competitors

The B2B landscape is incredibly saturated and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Sharing stories, anecdotes, and relatable language can enable you to gain more attention than brands sticking to traditional approaches. 88%  of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support.

Enhance shareability

In today’s digital age, creating shareable content can boost brand awareness and help you reach more audiences. Engaging and relatable content is more likely to be shared across social media and other digital platforms, increasing brand visibility and amplifying your desired message.

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