Everything You Need to Know About Creating Infographics

What You Need To Know About Creating Infographics

Did you know that people process images 60,000 times faster than text? Creating infographics to market your brand helps you reach and engage with more people. 

But where might you get started, and how to create infographics that catch the right eyes? Don’t worry; we can help! In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about creating infographics, including what they are, how they succeed, and how to make them in 5 easy steps!

What is a marketing infographic?

As the name suggests, an infographic is a visual presentation of data, information, or research. Marketing infographics effectively allow brands to share research they’ve collected or curated. Design and information make the content more appealing and straightforward to digest for time-poor audiences. 

Infographics can display a range of knowledge. This content might outline original research that’s relevant to your services or market sector. Alternatively, this content could break down the survey results that offer helpful insights into an audience or industry. 

Other infographics might offer a run down of a topic or provide a list of helpful stats. Overall, they aim to offer valuable insights from which your target audience could benefit. 

Why are infographics important to marketing?

68% of marketers believe visual content is an essential part of a marketing strategy, according to a survey from Venngage. But visuals become increasingly important when a brand deals in a complex sector, such as tech or fintech companies. 

Sharing data, statistics, and research builds credibility for your brand and helps you solidify your expertise. These infographics can diversify the content you produce for your marketing while developing yourself as a thought leader. Plus, they offer valuable content to your target audience while proving your worth as a business.

How to create an infographic in 5 easy steps

Now that you know what and what it is and how it enhances your marketing, you may wonder how to create an infographic. We can break it down for you in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: pick on a relevant topic

Before creating your eye-catching infographic, you’ll need to consider what information you want to share with your audience. To come up with a topic, ask yourself:

  • What research would your audience find valuable? 
  • What topics are relevant to your target audience and industry?
  • What do you want to achieve with this content? 

With a clear topic, you can strategies an infographic that’s focused and well-presented and one that draws the right attention. 

Additionally, clear goals help you track the success of your publication and design it with results in mind. For example, maybe you want to build brand credibility by creating original research or draw traffic to your website. Whatever your goal, find a way to measure it. 

Step 2: compile research

Once you pick a topic, you can find reliable sources and compile research for your infographic. If you plan to use original research, create a survey or begin collecting analytics. Ensure that your study remains fair and credible. 

The more recent and credible your research, the more compelling your infographic will be. If you plan to use external sources, add links or references so people can see where you found this data.

Step 3: write the copy

Next, write your infographic copy. Try to make this content engaging using direct, vibrant, actionable language. Plus, keep the copy as sparse as possible. Only include what’s important and cut out any fluff or extra words. 

Write your content with the design in mind. You might want to include boxes of text with core statistics or statements. Create a header or title of the infographic and split the content into unique sections. Ultimately, don’t overwhelm the visual with text. Instead, make sure there are blank spaces to include design elements. 

Try looking at examples from relevant brands or competitors to understand what a compelling infographic looks like. 

Before you move on to design, read over your copy to edit and proofread it. Clean, error-free content is much more likely to perform than text with spelling or grammatical mistakes. 

Step 4: design the infographic

Once you have the information for your infographic, you can put it together into a striking design. You can create the design using a free tool like Canva or invest in software like Adobe

Alternatively, you might want to hire a professional designer or marketing agency like CopyHouse to create an expertly finished look. 

When designing your content, use brand elements that tie it into the rest of your marketing materials. Be sure to incorporate vibrant colour, illustration, and visual elements that focus the viewer’s eye. 

Here are a few tips for creating designs that earn attention: 

  • Keep the design clean, so it doesn't overwhelm the eye
  • Break up the content with lines and separate colours 
  • Use different fonts and sizes to emphasise points and direct the eye
  • Consider how the content flows and how the design will guide the audience through the information

Step 5: share the infographic

Congrats, you have a marketing infographic! It’s now time to share that design with your audience. You can share your content via several marketing channels, including social media, your brand’s website, or via an email newsletter. 

As you share your infographic, consider building a strategy to promote it over a week or more rather than just sharing it once. Then, track its success and viewership to see how it meets your goals.

What do successful infographics look like?

Though creating infographics is great for marketing, the finished product will only be effective if done correctly. So to wrap up, we’ve put together a few quick tips for creating successful visuals: 

  • Make it colourful! Adding colour to content improves readership by 80%.
  • Make it clear. Assume everyone’s in a hurry and break it down to the essential points that are quick and easy to understand. 
  • Make it credible. The data you provide should be backed by viable and fairly conducted studies. 
  • Tell a story. A good infographic isn’t a fact dump but rather an engaging visual experience that serves an overarching purpose. You’ve done the hard work for the reader, so share your knowledge in a way that flows.
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