CopyHouse Rebrands with the Launch of CopyHouse 2.0 to Showcase Their Growth and Success in the Market

CopyHouse Rebrands with the Launch of CopyHouse 2.0 to Showcase Their Growth and Success in the Market

Since launching in 2019, CopyHouse’s journey has been an absolute whirlwind. After a huge period of growth with the business reaching over £1m revenue in 2022 and growing our team to 25 content marketing technology experts, we thought it was time to revisit the company’s branding and understand whether it still incorporates everything we need it to; everything that makes us ‘us’.

Now stylised as ‘CopyHouse’, we have been through a long and in-depth process to get to this point, but we’re finally ready to present to you the new branding for CopyHouse 2.0.

Old Out-of-Date Logo
New and Improved CopyHouse Logo

Strengthening our Brand Presence

The importance of a company’s brand cannot be underestimated. It incorporates every single part of what makes you different from everyone else, from the way you look; your fonts and logos; to how you communicate and speak to your audience. With so much competition in most industries, having a strong, memorable and recognisable brand is absolutely pivotal to being successful and standing out.

When we reflected on everything that had happened at CopyHouse over the past year in particular, there was a feeling that it was time for a change. We wanted our brand to reflect our size, knowledge and position within the marketplace.

We wanted to incorporate bold accent colours that popped off the page, hard-hitting headers and the bold and confident messaging that we’re known for. After all, as technology content marketing experts we need to stand out in our own right, just like the amazing technology brands we work with. 

We wanted people to visit our website and know exactly what we do, trusting that we’re the best people for the job.

Our team of expert designers and copywriters have worked tirelessly to bring our concepts to life, incorporating all the different aspects of what makes CopyHouse who we are, a company we are all so proud to represent. And with the help of Brilliant Path and Keeping Studio we successfully managed to bring our true identity to life.

Our Core Messaging and Proposition

“CopyHouse exists to create high quality content that connects brands and their audience, starts conversations and builds better relationships.”

Although our core proposition hasn’t changed, we have strengthened the messaging to make it even clearer what our goals are and how we always strive to help our clients get their messages out to the right audiences. Our clients are central to everything we do and they remain right at the heart of our business. 

We bring together speed, quality and reliability into a service that they can rely on over and over again, no matter which member of the team they’re engaging with. We are a team of individuals who are all working towards the same goal.

Our focus is on creating amazing content marketing campaigns for fast-growing fintech and technology brands. We tell the stories that others often struggle to, taking even the most complex of ideas and turning them into something readable and digestible for their audience.

We base all of our work on a rigorous understanding of every clients’ intentions and their clients’ buying habits; enabling us to make ‘authority content’ that perfectly answers the questions people seek and helps them understand how technology can solve their problems without using dry, dull or jargon-heavy content.

We create content that is unique and thought-provoking, aimed at capturing the reader’s imagination and encouraging them to share it with others. We write content that works hard, not just driving traffic to your business, but positioning you as experts within your industry. 

The CopyHouse Team

As mentioned above, CopyHouse has been on quite the journey over the past 18 months. Due to the team’s efforts during the pandemic, we saw the business hit an annual growth rate of 280% for 20/21 and 21/22, a huge increase from the predicted rate of 60%. 

In line with this growth, we’ve also been expanding our team of expert content writers, strategists and creatives, all perfectly placed to create unique, top-notch content to help our clients obtain a content advantage and realise their most important goals.

No matter how large our team becomes, the quality of our outputs remains of the greatest importance to us, ensuring our clients always get the level of service and results that they have come to expect from us.

Celebrating New Beginnings

To celebrate this exciting new step in CopyHouse’s journey, we were delighted to host an exclusive Rebrand Launch Party for our clients and partners on the 17th November in Dirty Martini Monument, London.

It was the perfect opportunity to present our new branding to our valued clients and partners from up and down the country and give them the chance to meet new faces in the tech and digital space, learn from each other and make new connections. 

As a team, we are delighted to be taking this next step in our journey, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and our clients.

We seek to break down boundaries and create a world where deep tech isn’t scary or confusing.

Be Part of Our Journey at CopyHouse

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