Content Strategy: What We Can Learn from These 5 Fintech Brands


Having a succinct and well planned content strategy can be pivotal for any fintech firm wanting to make a difference in their industry. Unfortunately, with a sector that can come across as quite technical and specialised from an outsider’s perspective, it can pose a bit of a conundrum when it comes to planning content that not only shows what you do in the clearest way, but also speaks to and engages with your audience.

Content marketing is often seen as a traditionally B2C tool, with brands in industries such as beauty, retail and entertainment at the forefront of what most people see on their social media platforms. But brands within the B2B space are becoming more and more visible when it comes to putting themselves in front of their audiences, with content designed to interest, educate and even humour their potential customers.

In this article, we’re taking a look at five tech brands that are doing amazing things in the content marketing world and what we can learn from them. 


Blueleaf is a wealth management platform that focuses on helping businesses to grow while adhering to increasing regulations and complexities within their industries. Within their content marketing strategy, they have focused on publishing information that is really useful for the audience, putting a spotlight on typical problems that wealth management advisors come across and providing in-depth insights into how they can be solved. Each article is written clearly and concisely, properly explaining the different issues in a way that will speak to the reader and their background, while also explaining how Blueleaf’s platform has been built to help.

They also bring real-life customer stories into the mix, with case studies highlighted to show how their software has improved the lives of the people who use it. This helps to build a real trust with their audience and cements them as thought leaders within the industry.

They also provide really clear calls to action (CTAs) and links to other relevant blogs, leading people on a journey through their website and offering further support should they need it - an absolute must when it comes to giving real value to an audience.

HashKey Group

HashKey Group provides asset management and blockchain solutions to their clients around the world. Similarly to Blueleaf, their focus is on providing useful information for readers, with particular attention given to research and technical insights to build a picture of how their software can help businesses manage their assets and finances end-to-end. 

The ‘Insights and Research’ section of the website includes everything you could ever need, from how-to guides, white papers and published research, as well as podcast episodes with a variety of different industry experts guests. 

All the information they provide is free, with the option to subscribe and receive notifications for future information as it’s released, building a community vibe and encouraging readers to feel like part of their brand.

Additionally, they have created a “HashKey Academy” which houses a range of different tutorial videos and courses, offering users the opportunity to delve deeper into their learning on each topic. 


Curvo is an investment app for users in Belgium, focusing on passive investment for younger audiences. Their content strategy was set up right from the start, with the two founders working to build excitement and apprehension around the launch of the app through social media posts, articles and videos. They worked on this for a whole two years before the product was launched, gaining 14 customers within the first week and another 300 in the first few months. All of their initial sign-ups were brought in through content marketing.

By creating a solid content marketing plan, knowing their audience and understanding the type of information they wanted to provide, they were able to create highly effective content that drove a purpose. They now rank highly for many of the key terms in their industry, seeing thousands of visits to their site each month off the back of their efforts. 

Their Curvo Academy content is also laid out in a really simple and easy to understand manner, categorised by where a customer may be in their journey and giving them really interesting and useful information on how to get the most from their savings and investments.


Argyle provides a universal network for income and employment data, helping to create more efficient business services and transform consumer access. 

When it comes to their content, they don’t do fluff. Their strategy is entirely based around answering questions that come up in conversations with their customers, holding monthly brainstorming sessions to build out content plans that focus on real-life problems that they answer.

This is a really clever way for B2B businesses to not only provide useful content for their audience, but also to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening with the customers and the problems they face, giving a good basis for future product development. 


Betterment is an app that uses machine learning algorithms to manage user’s money smarter and help them reach their financial goals. They have a very customer-centric approach to content marketing, with a database of advanced investment information, research, tools and calculators to help their customers make the most of their finances. Their resource centre provides full access to expert-written articles, insights and product deep dives, with an easy to use ‘search’ function to make it even simpler for users to answer any questions they might have.

They also have a catalogue of podcasts discussing different trends and topics in more detail, another great way to bring some of the more complex concepts to life for their customers.

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