AI Training Courses: The Last Wave of True Copywriters or the Rise of Creative Collaboration?


The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has recently ventured into AI education, offering specialised courses for copywriters, and this groundbreaking move has sparked a discussion about the future of copywriting.

Considering CIM's traditionalist roots and late entry into digital marketing education, several questions arise among marketing professionals: Are true copywriters becoming a rarity as AI gains prominence in modern education? Or does this new wave provide an opportunity to enhance the skill set of experienced copywriters?

In this article, we will delve into the impact of AI on the future of copywriting, exploring whether we are witnessing the last generation of true copywriters or the emergence of a new era of creative collaboration.

How is AI affecting the future of copywriting?

True copywriters are creative, original, and great at evoking emotions through their words. But with AI and its rapid advancements in natural language processing, authentic copywriting seems to be compromised. 

AI-powered tools and algorithms can generate content at an impressive speed, mimicking human-like writing styles. This has raised questions about the future role of human copywriters and whether their unique skills and creativity will be overshadowed by AI-generated content. 

But, in our opinion, true copywriters are not being replaced anytime soon. AI is still far behind in replacing the human touch, since it still cannot:

Craft a content strategy

AI tools lack the understanding of your target audience and the purpose of your content strategy. While they can provide statistics, they cannot grasp a strategy's overall direction and goals. This is where true copywriters shine, bringing  irreplaceable insights and strategic thinking.


Expressing empathy in certain situations or towards others is a uniquely human trait. It is unrealistic to expect ChatGTP to show sympathy or disagreement effectively in content.

Check facts

AI copywriting tools can generate content based on keywords and size limitations, but they cannot verify the information's accuracy. They lack the logical reasoning to distinguish between true and false data. Fact-checking still requires human intervention.

Understand emotion

While an AI tool can adopt a specific tone in writing, it falls short in comprehending the emotions tied to a topic or the desired sentiment of the content. Feelings are highly individualistic and cannot be predicted. Values, cultural diversity, habits, and aspirations add complexity that AI copywriting tools struggle to capture.

Have a personal opinion

Even if you have thousands of articles on the same subject, what sets them apart is their distinct writing style. Writing style is often shaped by personal opinions stemming from life stories, experiences, and emotions. Unfortunately, AI tools lack the ability to think independently and develop their own unique perspectives.

The rise of creative collaboration

While the last wave of true copywriters may not be fading away, it's clear that copywriting must embrace AI as a collaborative tool. By combining human creativity with the capabilities of technology, we can create better and more effective text. 

Collaborating with AI copywriting tools can bring numerous advantages:

Overcome the writer's block

Struggling to find the right words? No need to worry. AI copywriting tools can help to automate the process by creating a basic framework for your content. Just add keywords and choose the content type, then boom - you're ready to start.

Save time on research

AI copywriting tools significantly reduce the time spent on research. They gather inspiring information and smoothly offer pointers on how to incorporate it into your content, freeing you up to focus on delivering value to your readers. But remember to check the info, as AI tools inspire while human verification is key.

Speed up the process

With AI copywriting tools, you pick your keywords, provide clear instructions (like a blog title or product description), specify creativity and length, and with a single click, your content idea is created. It's that simple, and can enable you to write much faster in some cases!

Increase the quality of your content

Say goodbye to typos! AI tools can lend a helping hand with text clarity, goals, and accuracy. They strike the perfect balance between quality and quantity, delivering great content in no time. It's a fact—AI tools make high-quality content a breeze. Don’t just think of ChatGPT as your only AI writing aid - tools like Grammarly are perfect companions for proofreading.

How can AI training courses enhance the skill set of a copywriter?

True copywriters know that the marketing world is always changing. They're always looking for ways to create even better content, and AI training courses are here to help them do just that.

AI training courses are designed to boost the abilities of experienced copywriters. They teach the latest AI technologies and techniques, giving copywriters a toolbox full of powerful tools. With AI on their side, copywriters can work smarter, not harder. They can automate tasks, dive into valuable data, and make better-informed creative decisions.

But it's important to strike the right balance. AI can generate content and offer suggestions, but it can't replicate a true copywriter's unique voice and style. That's where the magic happens — true copywriters will always bring their creativity and perspective to the table.

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