How Can B2B Marketers Adapt To Gen-Z Buyers?


How can B2B marketers adapt to Gen-Z buyers?

With Generation Z (Gen-Z) quickly emerging as a significant force in the workforce and the B2B buying landscape, businesses must recognise and adapt to their growing influence. 

While this demographic currently makes up only 2% of B2B buyers, their impact is expected to grow significantly in the next decade. Together with Millennials,  Gen-Z constitutes 64% of business buyers, with Millennials representing over half of all buyers.

With these significant demographic shifts, B2B marketers must adapt to engage Gen-Z buyers effectively. Their tech-savvy nature, preference for digital channels, and desire for authenticity pose unique challenges.

Understanding Gen-Z buyer behaviour in B2B

Gen-Z buyers show distinct traits and preferences. B2B marketers must consider these characteristics to effectively engage Gen-Z buyers:

  • Tech-savvy: They are skilled in navigating self-guided digital channels, and prefer making independent purchasing decisions online.
  • Aligned with ESG strategies: They place great importance on brands that align with their values and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies. To build brand loyalty, businesses need to demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, mirroring Gen-Z's concerns about ethical practices and sustainability.
  • Strong values: Gen-Z highly values authenticity, transparency, and trust in the brands they engage with, and are highly attuned to any perceived insincerity in content and marketing material.
  • Influenced by social media and influencers: These play a vital role in Gen-Z's B2B buying decisions. They actively use social platforms and rely on influencers' recommendations and experiences to guide their choices.

Utilising digital marketing channels, fostering transparent and authentic brand messaging, and collaborating with influencers, are all key strategies to capture the attention and loyalty of this tech-savvy and socially conscious generation.

Transforming B2B marketing for Gen-Z engagement

Gen-Z's exposure to branded interactions has shaped their B2B buying expectations. They prefer personalised and engaging experiences on digital platforms. B2B marketers must recognise this and tailor their strategies accordingly.

To capture Gen-Z's attention, B2B brands should break away from traditional marketing and embrace bold campaigns. Gen-Z responds well to creative and visually appealing content that aligns with their interests and values. Using humor, pop culture references, and trendy visuals can make a lasting impression.

In ongoing relationships, B2B marketers should also adapt to Gen-Z's preference for informal communication. Engaging through social media and private groups allows for more personalised interactions. Meanwhile, demonstrating authenticity and transparency builds trust with Gen-Z buyers, strengthening relationships and fostering loyalty.

Leveraging influencers and social media

Influencers play a crucial role in Gen-Z's decision-making process. B2B marketers can tap into this trend by using influencers as trusted sources of information and recommendations. Partnering with influencers who align with the brand's values and resonate with Gen-Z's interests can boost the brand's credibility and reach among this demographic.

A strong social media presence is also essential for connecting with Gen-Z buyers. B2B brands should actively engage with their audience through various social media platforms to build meaningful relationships. Responding to comments, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and hosting live sessions can foster a sense of community and authenticity that Gen-Z appreciates.

When it comes to their preferred social media platforms, 88% of Gen-Z respondents favour YouTube. Additionally, Gen-Z is notably active on video-based platforms like TikTok. By crafting content that aligns with the unique features of each platform, you increase your chances of connecting with this generation where they are most engaged and spend a significant portion of their time.

Authentic storytelling is another powerful tool for B2B marketers to effectively convey their brand's purpose. Gen-Z values transparency and is drawn to brands that share their commitment to social and environmental issues. By sharing genuine stories and highlighting the brand's social responsibility initiatives, B2B marketers can establish a strong emotional connection with Gen-Z buyers; fostering brand loyalty and long-term relationships.

Navigating the changing B2B landscape

Adapting to Gen-Z's preferences presents both challenges and opportunities for B2B marketers. Understanding the dynamic and varied nature of Gen-Z's preferences requires continuous market research and insights. However, embracing these changes can lead to a competitive advantage in engaging this influential generation.

B2B marketers must remain agile and flexible in their marketing strategies to keep up with the ever-evolving Gen-Z landscape. Staying attuned to the latest trends and platforms allows brands to pivot quickly and respond to Gen-Z's changing preferences effectively.

In the words of McKinsey: “Gen-Z are loyal to no brand, and in a stagnant market, this can build or break brands. The power of purpose matters and strong brands that get ESG strategy right and reward this consumer cohort with authentic branding and loyalty programs, can win with Gen-Z generational marketing strategy.” At the same time, similar data on Gen-Z shows “they can’t be tied down”.

Examining case studies or examples of B2B companies that have successfully engaged Gen-Z can offer valuable insights. By learning from the strategies and tactics implemented by these companies, other B2B marketers can gain inspiration and practical tips for connecting with Gen-Z effectively.

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