Accessibility & Diversity in Your Marketing Strategy


Encompassing a wide range of perspectives and experiences in brand storytelling provides depth and ensures narratives resonate with as many people as possible. 

Marketers embracing accessibility and diversity in their marketing strategies can make their campaigns more relatable and build a deeper connection with audiences. Target audiences, in turn, feel that their unique voices and circumstances are being considered and their loyalty to a specific brand is valued. 

Fundamentally, inclusive marketing helps audiences become collaborative partners in a company's story rather than mere consumers of it.  

In this article, we will explore why accessibility and diversity are crucial to content marketing strategy success and how you can ensure your campaigns cultivate authentic and meaningful connections with your audience. 

Defining accessibility and diversity in marketing

Before explaining the benefits of inclusive marketing for businesses, we should first define what we mean by the terms ‘accessibility' and 'diversity': 

Accessibility: Ensuring that your marketing materials can be accessed, read, heard, and understood by people with varying levels of visual, hearing, motor and cognitive abilities. 

Internationally-recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 help website designers make their sites more user-friendly. The advice includes providing text alternatives for non-text content (such as braille, large print or speech) and ensuring that all pages of the site are accessible using a variety of methods. For instance, users should be able to access all site pages using a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen device. 

Diversity: Ensuring your marketing collateral represents the needs of different races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and backgrounds. 

Google has created an "All in" marketer's toolkit packed with resources to help content creators develop more effective and inclusive marketing campaigns. Here, you can find advice on building diverse teams and identifying opportunities where your company can share inclusive and authentic stories. 

The vital role of accessibility and diversity in marketing strategy

Here are some recent marketing statistics that demonstrate accessibility and diversity's effectiveness in brand marketing strategy: 

  • Microsoft found that inclusive marketing campaigns experience a 23-point lift in purchasing intent, whether an individual viewing the ad felt represented in the content or not. 
  • The same study found that 70% of respondents trust brands representing diversity in their ad campaigns. 
  • In 2021, Facebook conducted a meta-analysis of 1,207 brand lift studies and found that diverse representation improved ad recall in over 90% of the simulations it ran. The study also found that 59% of survey respondents prefer to buy from brands that support diversity and inclusion practices. 
  • A 2023 data-driven study of 847 websites by found that Implementing WCAG 2.1 guidelines can increase organic traffic by as much as 12%. 

These findings demonstrate that accessibility and diversity are more than just marketing buzzwords. In fact, inclusive marketing can go a long way in bolstering your brand's reputation and, ultimately, boosting your company's bottom line. 

The keys to building a more inclusive marketing strategy

The first step in making your B2B content marketing strategy accessible and diverse is working with a content marketing specialist that's committed to understanding your audience and aligning your messaging with inclusive marketing practices.

Here at CopyHouse, CEO Kathryn Strachan hosted a dedicated TechTalks podcast outlining the importance of diversity and inclusion in marketing (you can see a recap of the discussion here). 

Our expertise can help you build an equitable marketing strategy from the ground up in the following ways: 

Explore your core messaging through informative workshops

Every brand marketing strategy we create starts with a series of workshops where we gain valuable insight into your brand's current trajectory and outline our methods for spurring growth. 

For example, our Core Messaging Workshops cover topics like your brand positioning/target markets and pinpoints the most compelling aspects of your proposition. At the end of the session, we provide a comprehensive Brand Book outlining our findings and what we believe makes you truly special as a company. 

"The workshops we run with clients are by their nature tailored to clients' needs - but where we are tasked with digging deeper into their customer personas, this is a golden opportunity to ensure that the journey is made seamless for ALL their prospects.There's still sometimes the implication that diversity and inclusion is a tick-box exercise, as long as it meets current regulations or standards. In fact, the evidence suggests that customers across the board will ultimately thank you for showing a high level of genuine purpose throughout your brand."- Richard Braggins, Content Director at CopyHouse. 

Provide an inclusive content design visual strategy

Making your content more visually appealing and easy to understand is the cornerstone of accessible design. Our Content Design & Visual Strategy Services showcase your brand's story in the best possible light, helping your messages become more engaging and memorable. 

We advise you on the Do's and Don'ts of Typography, colour palettes and imagery to ensure your visual output is accessible to all. From eBooks, to infographics, landing pages and social media posts, we strive to build brand awareness through impactful, person-centred design

CopyHouse creates thought-provoking content marketing that inspires wider audiences

Delivering content that fosters inclusivity and representation requires careful consideration of your brand's Tone of Voice and the ability to simplify complex topics in easy-to-understand copy. Our team of specialist copywriters hail from diverse backgrounds and have extensive experience in writing for a wide range of sectors. 

So, whether you want to cut through complicated jargon or explore an industry niche in great detail, CopyHouse can deliver the content you need to resonate with all site visitors. 

If you want to learn more about transforming your B2B content marketing for a more inclusive world, contact us now for a free 30-minute consultation. 

We seek to break down boundaries and create a world where deep tech isn’t scary or confusing.