Turning Blockchain Insights Into High-Performing Content with Anyblock Analytics

Turning Blockchain Insights Into High-Performing Content with Anyblock Analytics

Most high-tech companies struggle to break down jargon and create clear, compelling content that empowers and excites their audiences. As the old saying goes, sometimes founders and people within high-tech companies are “too close to the trees to see the woods” and struggle to understand what their audience might not fully grasp.

When it comes to working with outside suppliers, most technology companies struggle to find a content creator that understands their technology and can capture the complexity of their solution. After all, you can’t simply wake up one day and decide you’re going to write about blockchain. It takes years of training to handle such complex content.

After meeting at a Blockchain conference, we had the pleasure of working with Anyblock Analytics, a German blockchain solution provider, to turn their sophisticated high-tech solutions into engaging, SEO optimised landing pages.

Bringing Blockchain Service Pages to Life

Before we started working with Anyblock Analytics, Anyblock Analytics had struggled to find a content marketing provider who could write about their blockchain services and solutions. Unable to find a supplier, Anyblock Analytics had created their own landing page content, which meant that the website wasn’t SEO optimised and didn't truly reflect the value of their services or expertise.

Without a strong SEO strategy, they weren’t attracting the right audiences or capturing important keywords like ‘Blockchain Consulting.’ They also had little organic acquisition from their key target markets.

Turning Complex Topics Into Top Ranking Landing Pages

We spent three months refining, expanding and optimising Anyblock Analytics’s service landing pages.

As part of our process, we dug into the essence of Anyblock by asking questions about their target audience, how their services solved their audiences’ pain points, what prospects needed to know before engaging their services and what it was like to work with Anyblock.

After capturing the in-house team’s insights and expertise, we transformed this information into SEO optimised landing pages targeting valuable keywords within their chosen markets. Our content helped get Anyblock Analytics on the map as a blockchain solution provider that could solve pressing problems for enterprise blockchain clients in the US, UK & Germany.

Improved Traffic to Service Pages

Thanks to our work to SEO optimise their site, Anyblock Analytics have seen significant increases in traffic to their services pages. Especially their ‘blockchain services’ landing page, which has gotten over 66% more traffic in March & April compared to the previous 69 days.

Creating High-Quality Copy With International Reach

Anyblock Analytics wanted to position themselves as a Blockchain solution provider within the US market with the UK and Germany acting as secondary markets.

During the keyword mapping & research stage, we made sure to target keywords with high US search volumes. After conducting thorough keyword research & keyword mapping, we went about creating the landing pages using American English and incorporating high-volume US keywords.

Finding the right keywords to reach the US, Germany and the UK was challenging. But after much discussion, we were able to prioritise regions and find a way to achieve results across all three markets.

Attaining Top SERP Positions for Important Keywords

Today, Anyblock Analytics ranks for 111 US keywords and 42 German keywords and we expect to see even more results in the near future. They hold top positions for important keywords like:

US Market Keywords
German Market Keywords

Featured Snippet Status

Anyblock Analytics also holds the featured snippet for 33 keywords in the US, 42 keywords in Germany and 24 keywords in the UK, which places them at the top of the SERPs for:

  • Blockchain consulting firms (US)
  • Blockchain project management (US)
  • Private ethereum blockchain explorer (US)
  • Blockchain analytics companies (US)
  • Blockchain data analysis (US)
  • Blockchain development consulting (UK)

Attracting Organic Traffic

Organic search is by far the biggest draw to Anyblock Analytics’s site with an increase in 7% from previous months with new users coming from the US and contributing to the overall success of the site. Organic search is currently responsible for 50% of the entire website traffic over the last month, with 98% of this traffic coming from new users.

Anyblock Top Channels

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