Promoting Positive Values in the Tech Industry with GearedApp

How We Helped GearedApp Position Themselves as the Go-To 'Tech for Good' Web and Mobile App Developers

Many businesses faced increased challenges in 2020 when it came to getting the right messages to their audiences at the right time.

GearedApp is a team of developers based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who work with organisations of all sizes to build digital solutions such as bespoke apps and web platforms.

With reduced internal marketing bandwidth, they were looking for additional support to boost their SEO content and overall engagement capabilities. GearedApp also wanted to work with a company that would not only understand the technical aspects of their business and how best to communicate these but also deliver their ‘Tech for Good’ message.

After starting our work together in summer 2020, we became an extension of their team until they were able to expand internally themselves. Lara Findlay, Director and Co-Founder of GearedApp explained,

It took a lot of pressure off of us at a time where I didn’t have the time or the resources internally to be able to do the copywriting in-house.

Join us as we explore how our hyper-personalised approach to content creation helped GearedApp establish themselves as the industry leader in web and mobile app development in the ‘Tech for Good’ space.

Helping GearedApp Boost their Marketing Strategy Through Collaboration

With a reduced marketing team, there was a lot of pressure to get their business messaging right, whilst also balancing other priorities.

With our strong background in technology, we were able to help the team at GearedApp develop a range of topics to focus on, targeted specifically at their ideal audience and aimed at directing more traffic through to their website. This collaborative approach has allowed GearedApp to grow their confidence in marketing and get a better idea of what tactics work for future development and growth.

Additionally, the extra assistance helped GearedApp get through the worst of the pandemic, supporting them with their internal furlough scheme and allowing for a smoother remote working process. They continued to benefit from our ongoing support to maintain their marketing efforts.

Managing a regular flow of content has allowed GearedApp to think more holistically and proactively, meaning that further attention can be paid to the SEO strategy and how to drive this forward, rather than leaving it as an afterthought.

“It’s really important for us to have regular content on our site, not just from an SEO perspective, but also to show that we are knowledgeable in our area and we are a great source of resources for our clients and potential customers. It’s really good for us to have a mixture of different content on our site.”

- Lara Findlay, Director and Co-Founder of GearedApp.

Positioning GearedApp as a Leader within the Tech Space

One of the most important things for GearedApp was that they teamed up with a company who understood their position in the market and had a good knowledge of the tech industry. From the outset, the desire was to showcase their knowledge and expertise while also making the information palatable for a wide range of audiences, something which CopyHouse has a great deal of experience in managing.

Our work together has allowed GearedApp to highlight their processes and technology within the industry, demonstrate how they work with clients and how their processes differ from other app and web platform companies.

In addition to this, we have also prioritised demonstrating the culture at GearedApp and the effects this has on their working relationships. GearedApp are proud to position themselves as a user-led, collaborative environment that allows for clear communication and transparency throughout the process of working with them. We ensured that this message was front and centre of their communications, helping to attract exactly the right clientele through to their website.

“It was good to be able to have regular online calls with CopyHouse to really go through things together. They are experts in their area so it gave us confidence in their content strategy. It was really good for us to have that sense of support from them and the consistency in our marketing strategy.”

- Lara Findlay, Director and Co-Founder of GearedApp.

Delivering Reflective, Engaging  Content for GearedApp’s Audience

A key ingredient to developing a successful communication strategy is to have a clear end goal. To ensure the success of each campaign, we have put this at the forefront of every stage of work we completed with GearedApp.

It was incredibly important that we didn’t just deliver a suite of content, but that real consideration was put into defining their audience’s interests and providing information that was timely and on-trend within the marketplace.

One of the blog series that we created for them was a look back at the team’s journey working within the business, showcasing their values and the successes that they’d seen over the past 7 years. This added a touch of personality to their site, providing a great insight into how they work as people, as well as their goals for the future.

The content that we’ve created received a great response from their audience, often starting interesting conversations on social media around popular topics such as sustainability and agile working. In addition to consistently good feedback, GearedApp have also benefited from a big increase in their engagement, with an influx of likes and comments across their social media platforms and blog.

“When I first started working with CopyHouse, everyone was informative and told me how often we should post, and also about the planning process of creating content. It’s been useful for us to go through this as a team, we now have a process in terms of rating our own content internally because of CopyHouse's support.”

- Lara Findlay, Director and Co-Founder of GearedApp.

Creating Effective and Thought-Provoking Content with a Like-Minded Business

As previously mentioned, it was hugely important to the team at GearedApp that they worked with a business that had an understanding of their industry, but it was equally important to find a team that mirrored their mindset and culture when it came to working together. As companies who shared the same values and ethos about sustainability, remote working practices, and excitement for technology it was a no brainer for GearedApp to work with us.

Since we first began our journey, we have established an easy and reliable process, fitting seamlessly into their marketing and business strategies and allowing for a higher level of collaboration between the two companies.

Our personalised approach, the ability to view the content at all times via Google Drive and provide multiple rounds of feedback, has enabled a more effortless approach to marketing in general and given their internal team the support they need to focus their attention on other areas of the business.

“My favourite thing about working with CopyHouse was working with a very like-minded company and how easy it was to start working together. It felt like a very smooth process and it felt very reliable.”

- Lara Findlay, Director and Co-Founder of GearedApp.

Boosting GearedApp's Future Marketing Efforts

One of the key aspects of our relationship is the additional guidance that we have been able to provide in terms of helping GearedApp understand their content strategy and how this can be developed going forward. From the beginning, the team at GearedApp knew that they wanted to make improvements to their onsite SEO, but were unsure of where to start with this. Our direction has allowed them to take learnings and use these to build a solid strategy going forward.

Joint planning sessions have also given them great insight into the building blocks of creating content and how they can strategise this going forward.

“Working with CopyHouse has been a great experience for our team. We’ve found them to be extremely helpful, very informative and a great like-minded team to work with. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone that’s struggling with creating copy or looking for experts within the technology area that really understand the industry and how to write content.”

- Lara Findlay, Director and Co-Founder of GearedApp.

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