Increasing Trust and Traffic Through Personalised Content for 365 Business Finance

How we helped 365 Business Finance Increase their Traffic and Build Trust through Personalised Content.

Finance companies often struggle to produce thought-provoking content that generates views, positions them as thought-leaders and brings in new clients. Creating a content marketing strategy can also be out of their comfort zone due to their sales proposition.

365 Business Finance is a financial provider which offers small and medium-sized businesses (SME’s) unsecured funding of up to £200,000. Helping UK SME’s by offering merchant cash advances that boost their growth.

Mandy Warren, Marketing Manager at 365 Business Finance, discovered the lack of content on their website and social media accounts. Knowing well the value a content strategy can bring to the business, by increasing traffic to the website, but lacking in time and resources to deliver this strategy to the best potential, she needed a content marketing agency that could help her successfully implement this.

Helping Businesses Recover in a Time of Crisis with Helpful Content

Mandy Warren sat down with the CopyHouse team and together we came up with a long-term content strategy that will generate traffic to their website. Mandy expressed her difficulty in moving forward with content ideation when drafting a strategy for the business. However, after sitting down with our Account Manager, Project Manager and Copywriters, they brainstormed ideas that could work well for 365 Business Finance putting a plan of action in motion. Our approach to content ideation, which breaks down the content strategy into content pillars that touch on 365 Business Finance’s target audience pain points and different areas of their customer’s purchasing funnel, allowed Mandy and her team to feel reassured in our expertise.

"We (CopyHouse Ltd) always have a game plan and that makes me feel greatly reassured."

- Mandy Warren, Marketing Manager at 365 Business Finance.

Mandy explained how creating content for SME's was beneficial, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, many of their customers struggled. With the help of CopyHouse, 365 Business Finance created practical guides that supported their target audience in overcoming any issues and getting back on track. These guides showed their customers ways of improving their business and bringing consumers back. It aided 365 Business Finance because they were able to support their customers during a difficult time, whilst generating interest in their offering. This strategy was a win-win scenario for them and their clients. SME's were able to increase their foot flow and conversion rates, and in turn, ask for more funding, thus supporting 365 Businesses Finance.

A prime example of this was a guide written for those in hospitality. This guide aided them in their comeback after the pandemic. The guide included practical advice to help SME’s move forward and provided them with confidence to return during this uncertain period. Often SME's lack marketing experience, so the guide was perfect to help them recover from the pandemic.

“I love how involved CopyHouse got when doing client-based blogs, we would chat with clients and understand how they survived COVID.”

- Mandy Warren, Marketing Manager at 365 Business Finance.

Content Strategy Guaranteeing Long-Term Results

Since our work with 365 Business Finance on their content strategy, Mandy and the rest of the team saw great results. Their Google Analytics continue to show an increase in traffic to their website from the blog posts and articles provided by the CopyHouse team. There was also an increase in insights and engagements on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and, more recently, Instagram.

“I’m starting to post blogs on Instagram to direct traffic to the website and engagement has been great, so we can only go up from there.”

- Mandy Warren, Marketing Manager at 365 Business Finance.

This positive response to the content marketing strategy has enabled 365 Business Finance to build stronger connections with their target audience whilst positioning themselves as a trusted financial provider for SMEs in the UK.

The CopyHouse Way to Providing a Personalised Service

When discussing what it was like to work with the team at CopyHouse, Mandy had nothing but a positive response. She praised the team for their creativity, constant communication and patience.

Mandy explained that during the pandemic, 365 Business Finance put a pause on marketing expenditure. Whilst this happened, CopyHouse were incredibly flexible, supportive and understanding throughout the six month period. Our teams remained connected so that when 365 Business Finance were back up and running, CopyHouse were able to adapt to the businesses new budget and continue working alongside them.  

She also witnessed the growth of the CopyHouse team and stated that communications and work provided for 365 Business Finance were incredibly 'smooth' and uninterrupted despite the structural changes in the organisation. There was no need for her to chase anyone up or reiterate a brief as CopyHouse constantly produced great content. This took a lot of stress off her and her team. Our personalised approach to working, allowed Mandy to always stay connected with the team, and trust CopyHouse to deliver on any project.

Copy House is an excellent content and SEO agency; they create insightful blogs and guides for us, and are great with providing original and creative content ideas. They've helped shape our company's content strategy, and the team are both hard-working and very friendly people to work with. They also provided invaluable support during the pandemic. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for top-notch content!

Build Your Engagement and Brand Story with CopyHouse

Here at CopyHouse, we are the experts in creating content that has been specifically developed for your target audience; taking complex topics and making them accessible and engaging. We love creating blogs, case studies, articles and other content that truly bring your values and vision to life whilst helping boost your website’s SEO and increasing traffic. If you’re looking for ideas on how to create the perfect content strategy, take a look at our blog, or contact us by completing the form below to arrange a consultation. 
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