Helping InPlayer Repurpose their Content to Boost their Search Results on Google

Helping InPlayer Repurpose their Content to Boost their Search Results on Google

Boosting traffic to your website and ranking high on Google can be a challenge if you don’t have the necessary SEO skills to support your content. Although your content may be engaging, without SEO enabling it to rank high on search engines, it’s very unlikely that your target audience will see your great content. That’s why 70% of marketers have stated that SEO is more effective than other marketing methods.

InPlayer is a world-leading pay-per-view subscription solution service. They push content owners profitability whilst maintaining a seamless experience with their end-user. InPlayer makes thousands of live events profitable for the OTT industry, rights owners, agencies, artists and corporations. Regardless of the video content, InPlayer aims to set up and grow any company's revenue stream through online video sales.

InPlayer started their journey with CopyHouse in February 2021. Due to the project requirements, this was a short-term project. InPlayer required CopyHouse to repurpose content and create a few new pieces to add to their website over the span of a few months.

Using SEO to Push InPlayer’s Content Further

Alongside their general services, InPlayer has a blog that provides insights on their business, thought leadership content and engaging content regarding the streaming world. Although they already had great articles and blogs on their site, InPlayer faced the challenge of getting those articles and blogs noticed by their target audience.  

InPlayer’s marketing team had little to no knowledge regarding SEO. Due to their lack of knowledge on SEO, the importance of keywords, the volume of keyword searches and the search intent of consumers, their expert content was not reaching its full potential.

Our team of copywriters at CopyHouse worked incredibly hard to boost traffic to InPlayer’s website through SEO. Our starting point was the initial workshop, where the brand identity of InPlayer was discussed. This includes their tone of voice, goals, target audience and core messaging.

Once our copywriters formed an understanding of exactly what InPlayer required, they created an SEO and Content Audit that showcased the best SEO key phrases available for InPlayer to use. Within this audit, our copywriters also broke down the volume of each keyword and the difficulty of its ranking.  

By providing InPlayer with this SEO audit, they were able to increase their website's organic traffic and reach their intended target audience, whilst helping them gain the knowledge they needed to continue producing high ranking content.

Repurposing Old Content in a Competitive Market

In addition to SEO, InPlayer also needed CopyHouse to repurpose some of their old content as well as create new content for their site.

Whilst researching InPlayer’s previous content, our copywriters noticed that their articles and blogs were attracting viewers, but they could be stronger. Due to the streaming market, new streaming services and platforms are constantly popping up, meaning relevant content can quickly become outdated.

“They had an excellent piece on 10 Important Trends Shaping On-Demand Digital Entertainment, which needed repurposing as some of the information was no longer relevant to a rapidly changing market.”

- Stuart Cameron, Senior Copywriter at CopyHouse.

Both InPlayer and CopyHouse did not want great content to go to waste, so our copywriters added value to them by redeveloping the piece and making it more relevant and up to date within the streaming industry. They also used SEO tools to ensure the articles would receive more organic traffic and reach the intended target audience of InPlayer.

“We made numerous changes when repurposing content. For example, some articles were doing well, but they lacked structure or weren’t mobile-friendly. So we added CTA’s, improved sentence and section structures and added our SEO research to the content. By doing this, we were able to attract more viewers within the target audience of InPlayer.”

- Stuart Cameron, Senior Copywriter at CopyHouse.

The biggest challenge InPlayer faced was SEO. As they had little to no knowledge on it, our SEO experts guided InPlayer through our thorough process to generate the best SEO compliant content. Our copywriters used Semrush and Google Analytics to push InPlayer’s content to the top of Google’s search result pages. By ranking incredibly high, InPlayer were able to generate more organic traffic to their website.

As InPlayer are in a constantly changing market, CopyHouse gave them a competitive advantage by pushing their content to the top of search engines and making them more accessible to their target audience. We also did it by repurposing their old content and making it more relevant and up to date.

Repurposing content was incredibly fun! It’s an efficient way to work, especially when your old content is really good. Often it can be neglected because it’s outdated. However, if you reshape and reform it, it can still work exceptionally well. It’s an efficient use of time, energy and resources.
Stuart Cameron, Content Strategist
We brought Copy House on to enhance the work we had already accomplished and take us to the next level in our SEO/marketing initiatives. They have hit the ground running, built an SEO project tailored to our needs, quickly adapted to our business and made themselves an extension of us! Responsive, detailed, and a pleasure to work with, we would recommend Kathryn and the Copy House team!

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