Helping eArcu Overcome Recruitment Issues with Engaging Thought Leadership Content

Helping eArcu overcome recruitment issues with engaging thought leadership content

Having content look as good as it sounds can be a challenge, especially when it comes to complex information. CopyHouse has a thorough process that harmonises design and copy, so one does not overpower the other. By doing this, we are able to take complex topics and break them down into accessible information.

eArcu is a market-leading and award-winning talent acquisition suite that powers in-house recruitment globally. They aid businesses through their hiring process, using an algorithm designed to align with the organisation’s philosophy, processes, and expectations, in turn finding global talent fit for each business.

eArcu required CopyHouse’s services as they wanted to take complicated topics and turn them into digestible and engaging content. This would allow them to increase their online presence and establish themselves as thought leaders within recruitment and talent acquisition.

Creating SEO Compliant Thought Leadership Content for eArcu

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK underwent a huge political shift as the government sealed the Brexit deal. This had an impact on businesses, trade, travel and work between UK nationals and Europe.  

eArcu wanted to support their clients as well as other businesses by providing thought leadership content to help them through the Brexit transition in relation to international recruitment opportunities. Our copywriters at CopyHouse interviewed the experts, researched and wrote content surrounding Brexit and what recruiters and companies need to consider when hiring EU nationals.

Our copywriters also wrote thought-provoking content surrounding diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Again the aim here was to push eArcu’s brand name and build its credibility, within the industry, through creative thought leadership content.

Not only did CopyHouse produce content for eArcu, but our SEO experts pushed eArcu’s content further by applying SEO strategies. By using the correct keywords, CopyHouse reached eArcu’s target audience, boosted traffic to their website, and helped eArcu engage with those who could become future leads.

“We wrote several pieces for eArcu. The piece on Brexit was definitely interesting to research and the statistics which came from it were incredibly thought-provoking. However, my favourite piece would probably have to be the one we did on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This was a fun piece to research and really helped us shine a light on how employers can be more inclusive when hiring.”

- Jessica Persson, Senior Copywriter at CopyHouse.

Harmonising Copy and Design to Break Down Complex Information

Finding a balance between copy and design can be a challenge. There are often cases where one overpowers the other and this can impact the way the audience views the piece. For example, if the content is too design heavy, the message can get lost as it lacks context. On the other hand, if a piece of copy is not supported by design, it can lack visual appeal and the audience can lose interest.

eArcu were particular about the content they required. They wanted to use infographics to help break down and share their information with the public in a digestible and engaging way. During this time, CopyHouse didn’t have an in-house graphic design team, so we teamed up with an external design agency, Cargill Creatives. The project was so successful, that shortly after, CopyHouse decided to bring in an internal graphic design team to offer this as a permanent service to our clients.

“When writing content we usually picture what it would look like on a website, leaflet etc. But this time we had to keep in mind that it was going to be an infographic. We worked alongside the graphic designers to help create some great pieces for eArcu to use”.

- Jessica Persson, Senior Copywriter at CopyHouse.

CopyHouse Branch into Design

With the success of our work with eArcu, CopyHouse has introduced a design service to accompany our team of copywriters. We understand that when it comes to implementing great content marketing, it’s crucial to consider the design and the copy from the very beginning. Failing to do so can lead to content looking bland, which can cost your brand potential customers. Contact us for more information on our design service or to book a free 30-minute consultation.
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