Creating High-Quality SEO Content For GearedApp

Increasing GearedApp's Site Traffic With High-Quality SEO Content

Finding ways to turn sophisticated technology products and software into engaging and digestible content is no easy task. Many companies in the technology sector might struggle to translate their high-tech and complex solutions into content that resonates with their audience.

Tech-for-Good app and web development provider, GearedApp, experienced this exact problem before they came to CopyHouse. While they are experts at building and supporting digital solutions for their clients in various sectors, they found it challenging to produce good content for their blog.

GearedApp needed a partner to help them produce well written, targeted, and SEO optimised content on a regular basis and CopyHouse was the perfect fit.

Working Collaboratively for Efficient Content Creation

We kickstarted our partnership by arranging a meeting with GearedApp to scope out their requirements and goals, and start fleshing out content ideas. GearedApp required us to produce two blog articles per month, and add case studies or other pieces of content if needed.

After establishing a monthly retainer of work, we proceeded to produce a content calendar for GearedApp. Our team created outlines of content ideas, GearedApp's target audiences, and keywords for each sector they want to reach. Once GearedApp selected their preferred pieces, our highly skilled copywriters got to work conducting research and interviews.

Once they completed the groundwork, each copywriter proceeded to write their piece, which GearedApp then reviewed. With consistent communication throughout the project, via Slack, email or video calls, we could make sure all content was completed on time and to the right standard. We could also make sure everyone was kept on the same page from start to publish.

Building Trust Through Agile Teamwork

To make it easy for GearedApp to review our content calendar and articles, we shared them in Google Docs documents. This way, GearedApp's in-house team always has access to the content to make suggestions and edits that our team can quickly address.

Lara Findlay, Founding Director at GearedApp, comments:

"It has been such a relief to be able to discuss topics and ideas briefly, then to receive a well-researched article on the subject, fully SEO optimised, within a matter of days. The team is very professional while being extremely friendly throughout the process.

I have been consistently impressed with the communication from CopyHouse, and their ability to write content about particularly complex subjects, such as development methodologies or technologies, with minimal input from us. They deal with any feedback swiftly, and it almost feels as though they are part of the team."

GearedApp's in-house team were approachable and agile, making it easy for our copywriters to create content to their satisfaction, and adding to the efficiency of the content creation process.

Proving A Successful Partnership Through a Five-Star Review

We were honoured to receive a five-star Clutch review from GearedApp as a result of our partnership. In their review, they outline how our proactive and collaborative approach resulted in great content that was created and delivered efficiently.

Since the start of our partnership with GearedApp, we have successfully helped them improve the quality and consistency of their blog posts and other content. Our team’s work moved GearedApp from sporadic and ad-hoc blog uploads to regular publication of multiple high-quality SEO articles per month.

GearedApp's website traffic is continuously improving, and they received positive responses to several articles they shared. We are delighted that our partnership is so successful and look forward to contributing to their success in the future.

Create High-Quality SEO Content with CopyHouse

At CopyHouse, our passion and expertise lie with taking complex technology topics and turning them into engaging SEO content. We have successfully helped our clients boost their site traffic with high-quality blog articles, web page copy, case studies and much more. Visit our blog for useful tips and insights into content marketing, or contact us to arrange a chat to see how we can help you create better content.
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