Creating an SEO Friendly Website to Support the Growth of Atech

Creating an SEO Friendly Website to Support the Growth of Atech

When a business expands, the marketing efforts that drive a business’s growth must also grow to support the expansion. Atech found themselves in a situation where they have grown out of their initial website and were ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Atech is a cloud service provider that specialises in Microsoft. They help their clients drive value and performance from their investment in technology. When Atech first launched in 2006 they focused on offering cloud solutions to start-ups. Since then however, they have significantly grown, and so has their target focus. They now mostly cater for mid-market clients.

Over the years Atech won more clients in different areas, evolved as a business and introduced new services. They also began to add to their specialised skills and as a whole, their old website did not support this level of growth and represented out of date values.

Therefore, Atech required CopyHouse’s services to help get their tone of voice correct and adapt their new message for their new market. They wanted to show their audience that they were bigger and more reputable.

“When we started looking into content marketing agencies, we researched quite a lot, but nobody really felt right. Nobody felt like they could meet the requirements that we had. That’s when we found CopyHouse.

CopyHouse was an agency we thought could definitely help us on the SEO front and produce content that was better positioned with SEO in mind.”

- Jutta Kamp, Head of Marketing at Atech.

Using SEO to Push Content Further

SEO content marketing practices  elevate your content and website strategy by helping you reach your target audience and ranking high on search engines.

In the past, it was easy to select keywords and fill content up with those words to rank high. However, with the advancement of technology and Artificial Intelligence, keyword stuffing is now a thing of the past.

To rank high on search engines, you need seamless content that is supported by strong SEO.

Atech already knew which keywords they wanted to rank high for, but it was CopyHouse’s job to embed those words into the content created for Atech.

“When we suggested what keywords we wanted to rank for, the CopyHouse team produced natural content around it. So when I was reading the content, there was never a moment where I thought, “Aha! Here is a keyword”. Everything came across quite naturally.”

- Jutta Kamp, Head of Marketing at Atech.

Understanding Your Unique Brand Through our Brand Workshop

Although this can be a daunting task for some brands, reflecting on your business, where it’s at and how far you’ve gone is the best way to polish up your brand’s message and refocus your content marketing.

Our team at CopyHouse sit with brands and discuss all the nitty-gritty details about the company. This can help our team shape the brand’s message, tone of voice, visual appearance etc. It also allows everyone to be on the same page in terms of understanding the brand’s goals, where they plan to be, and how they aim to get there.

As CopyHouse was tasked with creating 26 pages of content for Atech’s website, it was a must that our team knew the brand inside out. Therefore, we hosted a two-day detailed workshop with Atech’s marketing team to help us understand their brand and it’s unique selling points.

By understanding Atech, their core messaging, target audience and what they wanted to portray, our team were able to create well-crafted content for their website. Not only did the tone of voice capture the essence of the brand, but it also engaged the audience.

“The brand workshops were out of our comfort zone, but it was really great to see how we were gently persuaded into giving our input. The issue we had in the past is, if you asked us about our brand values or core messaging, there was never a definitive answer. We’ve grown so quickly over the years that we haven’t had the time to sit down and discuss it in great detail.

So sitting down together and answering these questions was a great way of figuring out those answers and really tackling who we are as a brand and what we want to portray.

It also showed great results as the feedback we received from the website after it was created has been overwhelmingly positive. The Atech team have a real sense of pride in the website, and our sales team are now proud to direct potential leads to the site.

- Jutta Kamp, Head of Marketing at Atech.

Content Marketing Strategy that’s in Your Control

We understand that handing over the reigns in terms of content can be difficult. Trusting an agency and knowing that they will deliver the projects on time can be a significant burden on the marketing team’s shoulders.

However, at CopyHouse, we ensure that you are in control and that communication between both the brand and us flows smoothly at all times.

Atech were the perfect client. Our full-day brand workshop was productive and allowed us to gather all the insights the CopyHouse team needed to shape Atech's brand guidelines. After the initial workshop and branding stage, we also supported Atech as they worked on launching their new website. The writing process for the website copy was a breeze. They were super organised; they had every resource on-hand and ready to go; their team were happy to join interviews; and they were prompt at giving constructive feedback. The Atech team are a friendly, professional bunch that I'd love to collaborate with again sometime!
Stuart Cameron, Content Strategist
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